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Soleus Air MT1-19-32 Tower Fan

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Brand : Soleus Air
Model : MT1-19-32
SKU : SOA1057
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Price : $140.97
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Product Features

MT1-19-32 Tower Fan by Soleus Air

-HumidiBreeze Portable Misting System
-25 Gallon misting capacity per day
-Variable mist settings
-Water storage tank does not need dedicated water feed
-Helps reduce static electricity
-353 CFM fan speed
-Low power consumption – 70 WattsIndo…
Searching the internet to purchase a Portable Fans system for your home garage, living room or perhaps shop? There are numerous items you should consider in your internet search before you make which heater purchase. Firstly, there are variety of heating units available in the market but choosing the right heater for your home or office can be puzzling because there are very little methods to check it. When you’re out to buy a heater, you see a variety of heating elements are demonstrated which includes Soleus Air MT1-19-32 Tower Fan. Secondly, Find a heating system expert who can answer all your heating queries. A web site that offers heaters among a huge selection of other non-heating related products is usually just a good order-taking catalog house with little or no background in the heating industry. Whenever you shopping Soleus Air Portable Fans with us, you are able to ensure the quality and will read more details coming from trust store. Finally, You should know that the number of people need to Make More at ease. Should you be the only user looking for extra warmth, a glowing heater will be more practical compared to a convection heater. Sparkling heaters warm human beings and objects very first. As soon as you turn on the radiant heater you are going to experience immediate, targeted heat. Finally, Choose a heater model using a strong performance document such as MT1-19-32 Portable Fans by Soleus Air. Imported heat tank brands are just great as long as they have been and can continue to have a solid reputation in the market for years to come.

Product Information

Soleus Air Tower Fan MT1-19-32 SOA1057

Product Name : Tower Fan
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Furniture
Product Sub-Group#2 : Heating & Cooling
Product Categories : Portable Fans
Product Model : Soleus Air MT1-19-32

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